Dramatic HDR Lightroom Presets – i-preset.com

Download this presets pack for lightroom

Dramatic_HDR_Lightroom_Presets – i-preset.com

HDR Contrast High.lrtemplate
HDR Exposure – High.lrtemplate
HDR Exposure -_.lrtemplate
HDR Exposure +.lrtemplate
HDR Exposure + High.lrtemplate
HDR General.lrtemplate
HDR General Cool.lrtemplate
HDR General Hi Noise Redux.lrtemplate
HDR General Hi Vib-Sat.lrtemplate
HDR General High Clear.lrtemplate
HDR General Low Vib Hi Sat.lrtemplate
HDR General Warm.lrtemplate
HDR Gerneral Hi Clear-Sharp.lrtemplate
HDR Hi Sharp.lrtemplate
HDR Highlight Recovery.lrtemplate
HDR Highlight Recovery Max.lrtemplate
HDR Shadow Recovery.lrtemplate
HDR Shadow Recovery Max.lrtemplate
HDR Tool Foreground GND.lrtemplate
HDR Tool Sky GND.lrtemplate

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